Sunday, April 11, 2010


You gotta take pics in the bluebonnets.

This is when I realize that I need a tripod. We couldn't take a picture of all 3 of us together. There are better fields of bluebonnets, but this is the closest patch to home that's not in the middle of a highway.

Last Sunday, Nate picked up a toy for the first time and put it in his mouth. More often, he succeeds in getting his hand in his mouth, but not the thing he picked up. He's working on it, though. His babbling, which started 2 weeks ago, has changed. He doesn't have such long monologues anymore, but he'll engage in conversation for a longer period of time. Also, he's saying "kkkkkk" more than "boo" or "goo" now.

We had been dressing him in 0-3 month clothes. The separates still fit him, but I've given up on trying to cram his legs into the sleepers. He only has a few 3-6 sleepers so far. They seem so big because he has such a skinny tummy. But, that's what he's wearing to bed now. Play clothes, he's wearing some 0-3 and some 3-6. People (who haven't met Rodgers) are always asking me if my husband is a big man. Nope, we just have a big baby.


  1. You need a tripod or a friend to take the family pictures. :D Isaac was also a big baby (not when he was born though) and people would always say he would make a good football player. That all ended at 9 months when he stopped growing for about 4 months. Now he is on the small part of the scale :D Glad you are making these posts. At least one person in my family has been sick at all times this year and I haven't wanted to pass on any bugs. But we'll get to see y'all sometime in person soon.

  2. Great pix! Love the one of him alone, lost in the field.