Sunday, January 25, 2009

stuff's getting done.

Last week, we:
  • picked up our wedding bands
  • ordered our cake (not exactly as planned, but still good enough)
  • ordered Rod's tux
  • met with the pastor for some general discussions about marriage and his 3-minute-counsel
  • had my first bridal shower
  • bought most of the flowers, ribbons, and decorations
  • re-looked at the yard to see how long an aisle runner we'll need and show my parents how the ceremony will be set up
  • bought ties for the best man and groomsman
  • reserved a church as a backup venue in case of inclement weather
This week, we:
  • discussed the ceremony and reception
  • crossed things off the checklist that had been ignored for a few weeks
  • bought and printed our invitations
  • got penciled in for the chairs we're going to rent
  • made an appointment for me to be fitted in my dress so that it can be altered to fit me
  • ordered napkins with our names on them
  • ordered stickers with our names for our favors
  • bought the favors (various Hershey Kisses in gold and/or red wrappers)
  • ordered gifts for our attendants
I won't be storying each event. By now, there's just too much!

BUT: Mom, Claire, and Cat all have their dresses for the wedding now! A woman from California (the one who was a missionary in Kenya and helped Rod go to high school) will be lighting his family's symbolic side of the unity candle. She also has her clothes for the wedding, though I haven't seen the picture yet. Here's the other three:

Mother of the Bride: When I showed Mom a picture of a dress this style, while brainstorming what to look for, she said it made her think of Barbara Bush. When I told Rodgers that, he said, "Well, Barbara Bush is pretty..." When Mom tried on this dress, we thought it looked nothing like Barbara Bush, but it is VERY pretty!!

Matron of Honor: This is neither Claire nor her dress. Her dress is this color and length. It isn't gathered at the side, and it has a cute little belt with a rhinestone buckle. It is strapless and is made by the same designer as this dress. She will borrow a sash/wrap from Amy, who wore this color dress, by this designer, in someone else's wedding.

Maid of Honour: Catriona printed a picture of a dress I found online that I liked and took it to a tailor in Senegal (where she was living until December). And the result is fabulous!

So, we'll all be wearing different styles and different colors (of course, I'll be the only one wearing white), but I think we will look great together. From what I gather, Rod's "mom" is wearing blue. The best man will be wearing white shirt, black slacks, and a goldish tie: it has diagonal stripes of different colors of golden yellow that fade into each other. Hard to describe, but the result is that it looks shiny. The groomsman has a similar tie with burgundy and black fading stripes. They were in the Christmas section of accessories, and we bought them in January, so they were on super sale!

And now, the invitations and RSVP cards have just finished printing!!

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  1. Congrats on the date being in place!!

    Hi to Rodgers from me. (Habari yako?)