Friday, September 19, 2008

it helps to know you're not alone

From a Facebook group I joined:

You know you're in a Long Distance Relationship when [with my comments in brackets]...
  • you live simultaneously in two time zones, and have mad urges to ask "my time or your time?" whenever you schedule a meeting with someone [this one still happens with my friends and I, but Rod and I are now in the same time zone - yay!]
  • you spend more time talking to a webcam than to a flesh-and-blood person [nope, never had the webcam, but I did talk to a framed photo of him]
  • you have a Visit-Sweetie fund that's almost as big as your student fund
  • you've developed an intense love/hate relationship with your sweetie's country/place of residence
  • random songs start to speak to you on the radio ("no one ever said it would be this haaaard...") [for me it was "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" and "Right Here Waiting for You"]
  • you have a contracted a phobia of kissing couples and want to smack them over the head with a broomstick [I think LDRs breed violence. It really helps you to cope.]
  • your plans on valentine's day include talking long-distance for half the night and spending the rest of the time throwing beer cans at passing couples [There's the violence again.]
  • every so often you're overcome with the paranoid thought that maybe, your sweetie is merely a schizophrenic jumble of moving pixels or, even worse, just a figment of your imagination [Yes, this one did happen. I was worried about myself, till I learned that others experience it too!]
  • people raise their eyebrows when they hear where your other half lives [Yep, and then they ask "How do you do it?" I don't know. We just do.]
  • stories of how people lived before webcams/wireless internet/e-mail/skype/msn/icq/cell phones make you feel oddly guilty for complaining about how hard LDRs are - but you do it anyway! [So true.]
It doesn't apply to Rod and I so much anymore, since it's now less than a full tank of gas round trip to visit each other, but it did apply to us. A lot. For a long time. In less than a week, we reach the 30 month mark in our relationship. 14 of those months, we spent on different contintents. The remaining 16 months (which account for 53% of our time together) we've been both in Texas, but never in the same city. The longest we've ever gone without seeing each other is 340 days. The most consecutive days we've seen each other is 13.

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  1. Blessings for the coming days when you get to spend more than 13 together!