Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crystal beach

I had discovered this lovely, charming bed & breakfast. Reasonably priced honeymoon suite, with a double jacuzzi and a private deck, with a view of the Gulf of Mexico (it's no Indian Ocean, but it's what we've got, ok?). Problem is, said B&B was on Crystal Beach, which has been almost totally leveled, thanks to Hurricane Ike.

I found some arial photos of it, and it seems that the B&B building is still standing, but there's no telling when they will be open for business again. So, maybe I'll have to find another one.

Not exactly on the beach, as in on the sand, but only a short walk to the sand. Close enough to get the salty air on the private deck. That white circle is where the B&B is. [Click the pictures to see them full sized.]

Here is the after picture. The sand is much closer now. The whole area was flooded.

Zoomed out a bit



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