Wednesday, January 30, 2008

blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [that's the sound of vomit]

So, here it is:

Valentine's is a little over 2 weeks away. If you know me very well, you'll know that this is a day that I really despise. I have shared on my blogs about how much I really hate it (and why) before. I have also shared that I really had no intention of celebrating the day, even in the unlikely chance that I actually had a Valentine some day.

I had no Valentine until I was 24, and then, we were 14 time zones apart - FOURTEEN TIME ZONES!! It's like an eternity. I can admit that, basically, I hate Valentine's Day because I've never had a happy one. I've had some happy times on days that happened to be February 14, but never a happy Valentine's Day.

Rodgers is trying to convince me that I'll enjoy the day if I just have one happy Valentine's day. I'm not totally sure I believe him yet. But I have realized that it would be quite selfish of me to refuse to celebrate the day with him just because I don't like it. So I guess I will give it a try.

The problem remaining is that I don't know what to do on Valentine's Day. In the past, I have spent the day watching violent movies - the more people dying the better. I will have to research this. And that's what the Internet is for.

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