Monday, February 12, 2007


On the ship, if you don't already have a significant other when you join, you aren't allowed to have one until you've been with the organization (on the ship or off) for a full year. Many people on board had 6 months of training in South Africa before joining. So, even though they've been on the ship only as long as me, they can already get SP (that's Social Permission). So, as I work at the Info Desk and people all treat me as their personal secretary, this guy Thabo and I have a running gag that I am his secretary, scheduling important meetings for him and such. He is able to get SP starting this month. So he asked me in January to start making a list for him of potential ladies he could get SP with. As I am his secretary, that apparently is in my job description. I'm a good employee so I willingly agreed to do this for him.

(This next part may not seem to go with the story, but stay with me here) There are several places on the ship where you can take things you don't want anymore. Toiletries go to the Blue Cupboard; clothes, accesories, housewares go to Charlie; and books go to the Staff Lounge. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. I have found many treasures in these places. A couple of months ago, I was in the Staff Lounge, looking for any interesting books to read. I came across a book called "Cooking for One." I thought, 'That's the most depressing book I've ever seen! But I may have a use for it sometime...'

Then Thabo asked me to find him someone to get SP with, and I knew what I had to do. Rather than making him a list of ladies he can get SP with (though every time one of the girls who went to South Africa training mentions that they can get SP now, I let them know that Thabo's on the market now) I am going to give him the depressing book! Being that the 14th of February is generally accepted as a day to celebrate love, I'm going to give it to him then. And tell him, "Thabo, since I can't find you anyone to get SP with, it may be a while before you get a wife, but until then, here's something that should help you out!"

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