Thursday, October 12, 2006

hi mom!

I think I've probably been on TV in Thailand. It's not as exciting as I thought it would be to be on TV. Maybe because no one watching will know me. I mean I could say "Hi mom!" to the camera, but Mom won't see. There may be some people I've met on my ministry days (aka E-days) who will recognize me, but I can't shout out to them, because I don't remember their names. There's a camera right in front of me right now. One of the Thai-speaking volunteers is giving a tour to some people from the press, and talking about the Info Desk. Now the press are standing in front of me too...And they're taking a picture, maybe I'll be in the newspaper too. I'm like a celebrity or something. I hope I don't have anything weird on my face. There's not a mirror in here, so I can't check. I should get a mirror for the Info Desk. I wish I knew Thai so I could know what Noi said about me when she was talking to the news camera. Since last week, we've had TONS of news crews come through the ship. I think there's at least one every day. Oh, and, last week, some Thai teen heart-throbs came for a Doulos tour. I saw them. Also kind of anti-climactic, since I don't watch Thai teen soap-operas. I see a piece of candy. Think I'll eat it. I'll write more later.

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