Thursday, September 7, 2006


I never know when you say Holland and when you say The Netherlands...

A couple of friends and I took a long walk the other day. We intended to go to the nearest town, but went the wrong direction. We realized it early on but decided to keep walking and see what we could see. All we found was the highway, so we turned back. When we found the right direction it was too late to go all the way to town, so we just went to this tiny little community that's about 2 or 3 kilometers away (so we've been told). I don't really know how far it was. But anyway. Up till then, it seemed that I could still be in Texas, not TX in September, but the farmland was quite familiar. When we got to the village, we could tell that we really were in Holland, for real. There is a real Dutch windmill there. It was amazing!

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