Saturday, February 2, 2013


I promised that I would blog some Decembery stuff after we got back from TX. a nutshell...

Christmas always starts with my birthday. For my 30th, I told Rodgers the only thing I wanted was to go swimming. My birthday is in December, just 6 days before Christmas. I've never had a pool party. Rather than just paying to use the pool at a beach resort, Rodgers took us all on an overnight adventure to Jumuia Beach Resort in Kanamai, with full board, meaning we didn't even have to find food for our meals. It was fab.

That Saturday, we finally spent Christmas with Rodgers' family. We were supposed to have Christmas 2009 here, but of course I was pregnant. Then we were here in the summer of 2010, so we knew we couldn't come back for Christmas that year. Again, we planned to come for Christmas 2011, but decided not to since we were going to be moving here in the first part of 2012. It was a long time coming. We decided that, since we'd be flying out on the 27th, it would be best to not go anywhere on Christmas Day. We invited Rodgers' siblings and their families to their mom's house for lunch on Saturday. We wanted to introduce the idea of a sort of potluck. Though it would only be 1 dish, cooked there, everyone should bring something. We weren't sure if everyone would cooperate because they are used to having all the food provided for them, but they did! And Nate and Ben had a blast playing with all of the cousins.

Christmas morning called for bacon and eggs. After breakfast, we read the Christmas story in Luke and put the baby Jesus ornament on our tree, hoping that eventually the boys will understand that Christmas is about Jesus. Then we opened gifts. The boys are still at an age that they share everything, so they were both as interested in each other's gifts as they were their own. My favorite part was watching them watch each other pull things out of their stockings.

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