Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Wouldn't smile at me. "No, Mama! Don't take my cheese!" he says.

I want to teach Nate how to spell his name. There is a song on a video he watches that says "R-E-D, that's red!" He repeats it, so I thought I could teach him to spell his name with a song.

It's to the tune of Frere Jacques.
N-A-T-E, N-A-T-E
That spells Nate, That spells Nate
Nate is a silly boy, Nate is a silly boy
N-A-T-E, That spells Nate

Really simple, right?
He sings it all the time, but he thought it would be funny to put other people's names in there. I can't seem to convince him that N-A-T-E does not spell Ben or Mama. So I made a song for Ben, too.

To the tune of 3 Blind Mice.
B-E-N, B-E-N
That spells Ben, That spells Ben
Ben likes to make a mess, and Daddy has to clean it up! [Note: that is my favorite part of the song.]
B-E-N, That spells Ben

This morning, Nate saw his name written out and started singing, "N-A-T-E, N-A-T-E, That spells Ben!..." Oh well. We'll keep working on it.

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