Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas traditions

I began thinking of Christmas traditions for our family when Rodgers and I got married. Now that we have 2 kids (and measures taken for no more), it's time to start these traditions!

Advent calendar
I love advent calendars, as I've mentioned in Christmases past. I have one now, a fabric one with pockets for each day. It's lost right now, but we will find it! I have 25 little ornaments, one for each day, and slips of paper with scripture references to be read when we put the new ornament on. Usually, I forget about it for a few days, and we end up doing 3 or 4 at once. I don't know whether we'll be able to find a Christmas tree in Kenya, but we will for sure find somewhere to put our ornaments!

Of course we will give gifts. I don't really like the idea of really big gifts. I prefer small gifts that the boys will enjoy, but not things that they really need. We're going to buy them what they need regardless of gift-giving occasions.  I like stockings and stocking stuffers. Last year I filled Nate's stocking with books (which I got second hand via Goodreads book swap). I want to do this again, however, with our upcoming move, it isn't practical. We are going to get a Kindle Fire before we leave, and we can get picture books for it. So even though it won't be in the stockings this year, we are going to "give" each of our boys some picture books on the Kindle. For now, Ben's stocking has a few baby toys in it (all of his clothes are hand-me-downs, I decided we could get rid of Nate's baby toys that I didn't love and get Ben some new ones). Nate's stocking has Elmo pjs (he doesn't have any in this size yet) and Elmo sunglasses.

I like cookies! I like to bake them and eat them. Last year, I found a gingerbread cookie recipe that I really like. I baked them again last night. My glaze turned out horrible this time, but the gingerbread men aren't falling apart as much as they did last year. I've put them in the freezer to save for Christmas weekend. Maybe when I thaw them, I can try to re-glaze them. This may be a tradition.

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