Saturday, August 13, 2011

the neverending story

alternate title: teething again.

I've suspected Nate of working on his 2 year molars for over a month now. He gets fussy, he gnaws on things, he hits himself in the head and says "Ow" (pedi said it was a classic sign of teething at this age).

This week has been especially bad. Thankfully, Gigi (that's my mom) was here to help this week. We don't have a guest room, so she bunked with Nate and got to do all the nighttime soothing when he woke up with his teeth hurting. We finally got Nate to let us check his mouth yesterday, and confirmed that the bottom molars have cut through! We're just waiting on the top ones now.

This morning, Nate was getting restless. He is almost out of diapers, so we loaded up and went to Target. When we got home, I fixed Nate his lunch - rice and beans. He ate a few bites, then started crying. This has happened during several mealtimes lately. I think he's hungry but his teeth are hurting so he doesn't want to eat. Usually the best solution is milk in a cup with a soft spout. He takes a few sips, then chews on the top, and repeat. It's soothing and fills his tummy.

So I filled his favorite soft spout cup with milk. His gallon of milk should have lasted a few more days, but he's been drinking more this week, and that was the last of his milk. I had a couple of Combo Loco online coupons for HEB that I'd forgotten to take with me grocery shopping this week, so I ran out to get milk and use my coupons. I came home to this:

He took some ibuprofen, finished his milk, and passed out. Poor sweet kid. The good news is that we've gotten him through 18 teeth of teething and have only 2 to go!

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