Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This is my new favorite website. When I was overseas, Dad sent me a book of mixed up signs. They are written in English (sometimes even by English speakers) but they are full of mistakes that make them HILARIOUS. This website is all about that. And I love it. My favorite so far is a little article about the curry and President. It's kind of hard to read, because of the picture behind the text, so I'm going to try and type it out exactly as it is:

The Dish of a Prejudice!
(this is written along the side of the article)

Since 1979

Why is the curry very black?
The curry by France Tei is a very black, painful taste.
Another cannot eat this taste.
The dish is being liked by a lot of people.
President's most favorite food is a curry.
The president developed this curry sticking to.
The president was cooking the curry the day before
when the Shimo-Kitazawa shop was opened.
The flower of a friend and congratulation came to
the shop. However the president did not consent to
the taste of the curry.
And, the opening has been postponed.
The president is sticking to the curry by there is such
an episode. Curry with black legend.
It softly cooks the onion and the bouillon of the pain
and beef is cooked for six hours.
It is a blend doing 18 kinds of spices there, and it
cooks for four days.
The Curry

There's a lot more where that came from! I kind of miss Asia now. The mixed up signs in English were the best.


  1. Heyhey, Rachel...this curry and the photo you put come from our country......
    We are innocent...just happened.
    Teach us right english pls.

  2. It's cute actually.

    Sometimes I don't even know what they're trying to say, and that's what makes me laugh the most. Like this picture looks like a bomb, but I've never heard of a "dangerous wealthy person lump".