Monday, May 12, 2008

rodgers' graduation

Last Thursday was a momentous occasion for my Rodgers. He graduated from Blinn with an Associate Degree in Psychology! I'm so proud of my man! Here are some pics of the commencement.

Here I am arriving with 2 of Rodgers' moms (Pam in blue, Bonnie in black) and his Taiwanese girlfriend Poni.

The procession. Rodgers is about in the middle of this shot.

Still processing, he's got his arms crossed in this one.

Now all of his friends are screaming his name and cheering, so he is waving to us.

Here's Mom and I watching the graduates find their seats.

Rodgers with 2 of his moms at the after party.

At the after party.

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  1. Congtatulations on graduation to you guys!!
    Wow, did Rodgers study Psychology?
    It would be very useful!!
    God bless

    Ken from Tokyo