Monday, April 7, 2008

making fun of someone

I really felt the need to make fun of someone today. Unfortunately, no one was with me. It doesn't really work to make fun of someone to yourself...But I believe that is what blogs are for.

This person seemed to have never gotten the hang of blinkers. It would have driven me crazy if I wasn't so amused by their ineptitude. There is a fine line between stupidity driving me crazy and amusing me. I'm not sure what exactly will make something cross that line, though. This was definitely on the amusement side.

The person was driving in the leftmost lane of 4 lanes on I-30. He put on his left blinker and proceeded to change lanes into the second lane from the left - that is, he put his left blinker on and then moved to the right. He drove in that lane with his left blinker on for about half a mile. Then, he turned off the blinker and changed lanes again, to the right. After arriving in this lane (now the 3rd from the left or 2nd from the right), he put on his right blinker for 2 blinks, turned it off, and continued driving in that lane for about a mile. Then, he abruptly moved into the right lane and exited the freeway, using no blinkers at all.

I guess it amused me most because every time he changed lanes, he used the blinker differently, and none of them were correct. Blinkers are really not that complicated.

There are other things about driving that a large percentage of the licensed population doesn't seem to get, such as how to use a passing zone, but that is a rant for another blog post. Our drivers' education program is failing us in many ways.

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