Saturday, June 9, 2007

my own saliva

This is a hilarious story. I don't know if it will be funny for you. It was funny for some people who weren't there when it happened, but they knew the people involved. You weren't there and don't know the people involved, so I'm not sure if you'll think it's funny. But I laughed so hard I was crying violently before I could recover. And I nearly peed my pants.

Andy, Cat, Daniel, and I were hanging out last night. Andy had brought some cake along with him. It was yummy chocolately goodness. In an effort to retain our vocabularies (something that's close to impossible on board, thus the need for practice), we were describing the way Andy was eating his piece of cake. Cat said that he was eating it "fluidly" or "with fluidity" or something like that. Daniel pointed out that the cake is actually a solid, not a liquid, and therefore fluidly is an inappropriate description for it. So she defended herself by saying that, as Andy was chewing, the cake was mixing with his saliva and becoming liquid. Andy was thoroughly disgusted by this, and said "Ugh! I'm eating my own saliva!" After the first round of laughter, Cat said that he was practically kissing himself (when she drinks after someone, she always says, "We're practically kissing!"). Andy was even more repulsed by himself then, saying, "That's even worse!"

Now every time we eat or drink, we face the fear of swallowing our own saliva. But it's a risk we are willing to take.

We are pretty sure that Andy himself didn't understand why we thought it was funny that he was disgusted with the fact that he was eating his own saliva. And that makes it even more enjoyable. :D

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