Wednesday, May 2, 2007


While we're here in Taiwan, we're trying to go on as many outings as possible. One of the most awesome outings I went on was a great adventure, but so spontaneous that I didn't have my camera with me to document it. We explored and went places that we weren't sure if we were allowed to go. We got as close to the statue of liberty as we could. It sits atop a building that looks as if it will fall apart at any moment. We also went up in the tallest building in Keelung, which is only 33 floors high, and we only got to the 32nd. The tallest building in the world is in Taipei, which is about 45 minutes away. It's the Taipei 101, 101 floors. I haven't been, but I know the viewing level is around the 85th floor, though there are rumors that you can go to the 92nd. They never let you to the real top of these kind of buildings, I learned that in Chicago.
And now for the adventures I did document. All the info girls went out for dinner Sunday night to celebrate Kaylee because it was her last day with us. Caz had been to a restaurant earlier and decided we could all go there since it was close and reasonably priced. She said that the sign said "Family Steakhouse" on it, and it was the only sign in that area with English writing so it stood out. We couldn't find it. We asked people if they knew where it was and they had no idea what we were talking about. We finally did get to it, though. Turns out, the sign actually says "Familp Steakhouse." Maybe that's what the confusion was...

But my favorite part of the Familp Steakhouse was not the fact that they use a p instead of a y. It was the open/closed sign. The open side:
The closed side:
At least, I assume it was something like an open/closed sign. It was in the front window. We think it's a good business plan. Either you're running the business or you're drinking tea. What else is there in life that's worth doing? ;)
The next day, I went out again, in search of an adventure. There is a hill nearby with temples on top, which we can see from the ship. So, we went out to find out. We did find it, and a Martyr's Shrine. The Martyr's Shrine had lots of dragons on top of it, which are way cool! I love these dragons!
To get to these temples, you have to be very dedicated. There are tons of stairs. So after a brief rest at the shrine to recover, we continued up the stairs to the temple. It is beautiful!

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