Monday, April 2, 2007


I think I haven't written the whole time I've been in Taiwan. I don't have internet access, so I can never actually look at my blog. I just email in my posts.

About being in Taiwan:
I'm becoming an expert at using chopsticks, and I'm trying to learn to speak Chinese. I had this theory that if I stare at Chinese words long enough the language will eventually become clear to me. There will be a sudden moment of breakthrough. I will go from looking at symbols that mean nothing to me, to reading and speaking Chinese fluently. So far, it's not working out for me. I've been at it almost a month. So far all I can say is what people have taught me: hello, how are you, thank you, my name is Rachel, Doulos (it's something different in Chinese).

Next week I'm going to see Taiwan's Great Wall. I've never seen the Great Wall of China, so I can't compare the two. As far as size goes, Taiwan's wall is probably less great. But, as far as "wow, this is great!" goes, it could be more great. But, being that I will have only seen Taiwan's, I may never know...

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